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Luke Van Haute

Luke Van Haute is a Health and Mindfulness Coach at Avena. Through coaching he helps busy adults manage their stress by creating healthy habits around eating, movement, and mindfulness meditation. Luke is also a certified yoga instructor. He offers private Yin Yoga classes to help his clients find some calm and peace during their stressful week. 


Born and raised in Omaha, NE, Luke Van Haute moved to Kansas City in 2018 to continue his education at Rockhurst University. Originally pursuing a career in Occupational Therapy, Luke diverted onto a path that more closely aligned with his passion for health and wellness: Health Coaching. In November of 2020, Luke enrolled at the Health Coach Institute and has since been certified as a Health and Life Coach. Luke’s passion for health and wellness places a strong emphasis on exercise and mindfulness meditation. He completed his 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training at Power Life and has been an instructor since September 2021. He graduated from Rockhurst University with a Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science in December 2021.


Luke’s passion is to help his clients live happy and healthy lives. His main area of focus is helping stressed-out adults have more control over their stress. By using his background in meditation and yoga, he helps his clients create healthy habits and learn helpful tools that allow them to have better control over their stress. As a health coach, Luke finds ways to support the client along their transformative journey. Email to schedule your free 30 minute consultation.