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Claudia Gonzales

Claudia Gonzales became a Reiki practitioner in 2020, after more than two years of going through her healing journey. She practiced on family and friends doing both in-person and distance sessions and knew this was something she was called to do.

She was born and raised in Venezuela and moved with her family to Kansas City in 1993 following the American Dream.

The dream and her beliefs led her to a stressful day at work where she suffered a panic attack and felt lost.

That’s where her journey began: practicing meditation and yoga, receiving Reiki sessions, and taking different healing classes helped her find true life balance.

When a Reiki class sign-up sheet found her, she had no doubts that was the path to follow next.

Reiki is a no-brainer. It always works!

Claudia would be honored to be part of your healing journey!