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Health Coaching & Yoga


Health Coaching

What is health coaching?

Health coaches help clients divert from unhealthy behaviors and beliefs by providing them with the proper tools needed for positive lifestyle transformation. The main priority of a coach is to help their client create healthy habits to implement into their everyday lives. We focus on guiding clients towards feelings of empowerment and liberation. As a health coaching client, you will receive new strategies and perspectives to help unlock your highest potential. Coaches work with clients to identify a viable solution to any problem. Together, the coach and the client design a personalized plan that will lead to success


Pricing: $120 package of 2 sessions,
one hour each


Why work with a health coach?

Coaches are trained to help clients with a wide range of issues. Luke’s main focus is to help hardworking individuals manage their stress, so they can have a strong work-life balance. The client will achieve this transformation by focusing on changing their mindset about stress and creating healthy stress-reducing habits that last.

As a result of working with a coach you will:

  • Have the tools to stay calm in any stressful situation
  • Develop healthy habits around eating and movement
  • Learn how to bring mindfulness into everyday life by living in the moment
  • Embrace your emotions through breathwork and meditation
  • Discover new strategies to connect with your mind and body

90 Day Total Transformation Program

  • - 12 Weekly, Private, One-on-One Coaching Sessions
  • - Emergency Email Support
  • - Custom Done for you Materials such as Checklists, Recipes, Handouts, and More
  • - 3 One-on-One Yoga Sessions (Power Yoga or Yin Yoga)
  • - 1 recorded guided meditation

Pricing for this program upon request.


Looking to deepen your yoga practice?

Working with me is a great way to receive one on one feedback that you do not receive in a group or online class. During our time together, the client will choose what they want to focus on. Whether it’s power yoga or yin yoga, we will work together to help deepen your practice so that you can be more confident practicing yoga on your own. If you don’t want to do it alone, it’s okay because I have recorded videos of my basic classes that will help you level up over time. You can use our time together to ask questions about certain poses or just be in complete relaxation. Each class is an hour long.

1 Private Yoga Session (Power or Yin) = $60

Buy 5 get 1 Free = $300

What is Power Yoga?

Power yoga is a type of vinyasa yoga that focuses on breath, meditation, and physical postures to bring the mind and body into awareness. By flowing one pose to the next, you will improve your strength, balance, and flexibility. This modern type of yoga is a faster flow that will improve cardiovascular health and build core strength. You will leave a power yoga class feeling strong, relaxed, and energized.

What is Yin Yoga?

Yin Yoga is a slow and relaxing class that focuses on flexibility and bringing awareness to our breath. During yin yoga we hold the poses for a series of 2 minutes in order to slowly stretch the connective tissues around the joints. This class will help increase flexibility in the joints through slow, gentle and prolong stretching. You will leave a yin yoga class feeling flexible, relaxed, and maybe a little sleepy.

Yoga and Coaching Transformation Session

In this 90-minute session we will do some mindfulness meditation and power yoga for the first half in order to bring ourselves into awareness and clarity. Once we do this the second half will include a coaching session where we will dive deep into what you want for your health or life and how you can get there. I designed this session to help you get out of your mind and into a focused state for transformation. The Yoga and Coaching Transformation Session is a great way to discover some simple tools for transformation and get a sneak peak of what coaching looks like. If you are hesitant to commit for the 90-day Transformation Program, this session is a great option for you.

Yoga and Coaching Session = $125