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Environmental Health & Aromatherapy


Are you looking to transform your home to a chemical free/environmentally friendly space?

  • * Do you need help transitioning to chemical free cleaning products
  • * Do you need help finding the right kind of water system for your home
  • * Do you need help finding an environmentally friendly mattress
  • * Do you need help finding safe cookware
  • * Do you need help transitioning to chemical free skincare products
  • * Do you need help with clean eating
  • * Do you suffer from mold toxicity and need help with home remediation and health related issues
  • * Do you have a desire to work with or use aromatherapy

Isabelle offers the following consultations:

Environmental Health

Isabelle helps her clients with chronic diseases (autoimmune diseases, diabetes, thyroid dysfunction, mold toxicity just to name a few). She also assists couples facing infertility, or pregnant women who want a healthy baby to reduce their exposure to everyday toxins. Through precise questionnaires, she reviews the most common environmental toxins that should be avoided in daily life.

The Whole Package

The consultation consists of 2 separate appointments: the first session consists of a precise questionnaire, then during the second meeting, Isabelle reviews the points and makes recommendations for healthy alternatives and new habits to reduce these exposures to toxins.

$120 includes 1 initial assessment and 1 follow-up session

Mom-to-be Package

Special package for pregnant women. Because the first 1000 days are the most important time for your baby, it is important to decrease your exposure in your daily life.
To build the future health of your baby, Isabelle helps you minimize your exposure and prepare a safe nest for your baby.

$120 includes 1 initial assessment and 1 follow-up session

Tap Water Package

What is the best water filter to buy?
Because there is not one single response to this question, this package helps you determine which filters you should use to get the best water considering your current water supply, your budget and your unique situation.



Isabelle offers aromatherapy consultations to determine which essential oils could help to lower stress levels, improve sleep, treat common colds etc… she works to determine which oils could be helpful, teaches how to blend them and how to use them.

Aromatherapy Package

Aromatherapy Package
In this package we explore which blend of essential oils would be the best to reduce chronic pain, stress, insomnia, flu symptoms, or support your immunity.

Learn to include essential oils into your daily life for safe and effective use.

Essential Oil sales - to complete the package, Isabelle offers you a wide variety of essential oils to purchase directly.

$90 Initial Assessment
$60 Follow-up Session